Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Day Without James

    Don't get me wrong - I love my grandkids. James comes to my house two or three days a week and having him for company is a joy. But when my daughter phoned on Monday morning to  say he was throwing up and couldn't come, my initial reaction was, "Wow, a day to myself with nothing planned!"

     Usually, on the days he goes to daycare, I look for occasional teaching work. Sometimes something comes up or I plan to take a ski trip, swim some lengths at the pool, or take in a movie. However, now Monday was wide open and what do I do? Turn on the gas fire and spend the day on the couch with a book!

    Right now I am reading the third book in the "Wideacre" trilogy by Philippa Gregory. I was first introduced to her when her book, "The Other Boleyn Girl" (about the sister of Ann Boleyn) was hugely popular a few years ago. She wrote the "Wideacre" trilogy in the 1990's and the series is set in Sussex, England in the 18th century. The books epitomize the challenges of the rural population to free themselves from the overpowering grip of the landed gentry - the Squires and nobility. Not all characters are lovable (in fact some are downright evil) but the story line followed throughout the three books is compelling. Best to read them in order. 

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