Saturday, 23 February 2013

James Back to Normal

   After working on Thursday (hence no blog yesterday, nothing interesting to report) I had a day "off" with James. He is back to his usual busy self and we visited the Early Years play group yesterday morning. We hadn't been at all last week so it was fun to watch him checking out all the familiar toys and interacting with his peers. He is definitely one of the more outgoing kids. The Friday group is for 3 and 4 year olds only so the staff put out more interesting activities. He painted a picture using real paintbrushes. It didn't look like anything in particular but he was very proud of it.

   I could tell he was feeling better as he ate a huge (for him) lunch - a big bowl of my homemade veg. and lentil soup, two egg and cheese grilled sandwiches and two different kinds of fruit. This was basically the same as I ate! Before lunch we had watched Baby Einstein (for the umpteenth time, but it gives me a chance to make some coffee) and had scones that Judy had baked and sent with him. Then he had a great time building in the basement. I was there but doing the Sudoku so was distracted. He managed to get the table organ on the floor behind the couch and piled on it my aerobic step and one of the bins we use to store toys. Then he got inside the bin and called to me while he toppled the bin and slid out! Very hilarious!! He did this two or three times and made me watch ("One more time, Grandma"). I tested the organ this morning and, surprisingly, it still works. Not surprisingly he slept for 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon and I had to wake him before Judy arrived to take him home.

   In the evening I went to one of my Scottish Country Dancing groups. It was snowing slightly, just turning to rain, but I'm glad I went as we were learning the dances for the monthly dance in March. Only a small group, because of the weather, but at least we had enough for a set. Wayne brought Lemon Cake (very good) for tea break and gave me some of the leftovers because I praised it so much!

   Today some snow shoveling. There wasn't a great accumulation on the driveway and sidewalk, but enough to make it a hazard if it freezes overnight. I had a lucky find at the grocery store, frozen shrimp almost half price so I am adding them to some leftover pasta which, with the addition of some veggies, will make for a gourmet meal. Can't wait!

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