Monday, 25 February 2013

The Cameron Highlanders

   A bit late but worth a look. I found this Christmas card on the "Scotland's People" website that I use to do my genalogy research.
 It was sent by the troops during WW1. The site has extensive records from the 1850's to present times and you can print or request documents (birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and poll registrations.) Through it I have managed to trace over 2,000 ancestors.

   Had a quiet day with James today - a visit to the Early Years Centre, then home for a snack and play in the basement. He had me pulling him around on his pony, a decrepit looking thing on wheels that has seen one too many kid visits. We had a bonus from the EYC - they were distributing mac' and cheese boxes, his favourite lunch, which had been donated by a local store (probably near their expiry date) so we snapped one up and had it for lunch. That and some fruit was all he needed before toddling off for a nap.

   It's my turn to bring the treats for tea break at my S.C. dancing class tonight.  Luckily I have some cake and shortbread in the freezer which will suffice. Must remember to pick up some milk on the way. Also , must remember to ask the instructor to teach "Postie's Jig" which is on the next monthly dance. It's quite tricky!

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