Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Wearing a Mask

  We have now been told that everyone should wear a face mask when shopping, although you can take your daily walk without one and just keep your distance from other walkers. I rarely meet anyone on my walks.

   I made myself a mask and used it today when I went to the drug store. Even though I only wore it for the ten minutes I was in the store, it was a very unpleasant experience as I almost suffocated, so that is not going to happen again. I will just fasten a bandana over my mouth and nose next time I am in public.

   I have settled into a routine that is helping the days go by. Here's how my days go at the moment. Get up around 8:00 and read the newspaper. Do my one hour exercise class. Eat breakfast around 9:30 and clean up the kitchen. Do any chores/gardening until lunch (1:00). Nap until 2:30, sometimes I just read in bed. Go for my daily walk. Read or do my jigsaw puzzle until the sun is over the yardarm (5:00). Check my blogs, e-mail and Facebook while I have an aperitif, or get on the phone with friends until dinner time (7:00). Watch TV and bed. The highlight of my week is grocery shopping which I am doing early on Thursday mornings at the moment.

   It was lovely in the garden today so I picked these:

 I also made a loaf in the bread machine and it turned out well. Won't need to buy bread any time soon!


  1. What a delicious looking loaf.
    I use a long scarf wrapped around my face. I reckon it is as good/effective as most masks and it means I can just let it drop down and be a scarf when I don't need to cover my mouth/nose.
    I'm seriously impressed that you do an hour of exercise every day - wow!

    1. I wasn't so good today, I cut out one section and tomorrow I am going to skip it so I can go early to the grocery store. It does help me get through the last hour of my fast.

  2. I can almost smell that loaf. It looks pretty good.
    When I go out I now wear a runner's neck tube/buff so it can be pulled up to cover my nose and mouth if necessary. I have a selection of these in different colours so can just wash them after each use.

    1. That sounds like an ideal solution. I have cobbled together a new mask that is easier to breath through. Although that probably means the germs can get through it too.

  3. Oh yum to your bread. Yeast is the new toilet paper, cannot be found as it quickly became the second most hoarded item. I think keeping to a schedule is so important right now. I have a face mask that a lady at our church made, it's in the prettiest tiny floral pattern but in spite of that, the elastic around my ears hurt after 10 minutes of wearing & so I, like you, dislike wearing. I thought Dr Theresa Tam made a good point about why everyone wearing one is now a good thing.

  4. That was the last of my yeast. Luckily I don't eat a lot of bread. That loaf will probably last me a couple of weeks.

  5. I'm envious of your bread. I can't get hold of any bread flour at the moment, so I'm missing my home made loaves. X