Monday, 13 April 2020

A Blustery Day

   It rained quite heavily all morning and I didn't think I would get my daily constitutional but it stopped late in the afternoon so I headed out. However, it was blowing an absolute gale and the temperature had dropped so it was rather an abbreviated walk. I got plenty of fresh air, though!

   Two tasks today. I decided the sour dough starter had fermented long enough so I got a loaf going in the bread machine. While it was working I started on my tax return. The CRA has said it will allow late returns but, if I am getting any money back I want to get it off sooner rather than later. Brain tired at the moment so will finish it tomorrow.

   The loaf is now ready and looks good but is stuck in the pan, despite much shaking and pounding. I will post a photo once (or if) I get it out! I have replenished the starter and it will sit fermenting overnight then go in the fridge for another day and loaf.


  1. It's turned jolly cold here too and I'm thankful there's no frost this morning (thinking of the apple blossom).
    Good luck with getting the load out of the tin.

  2. Cold here in West Yorkshire too. Hope you got that loaf out. x

  3. Cool here too but still bright and sunny. Have you managed to prise out that loaf?

  4. I missed my walk yesterday, so good on you that you braved the wild winds. I found a recipe to make potato yeast for making bread - you just boil up peeled potatoes & reserve 1 cup of the water & add flour to it. Hopefully your bread comes out. There's nothing like fresh warm bread.

  5. Yes, I managed to get the loaf out once it had cooled down. It must have shrunk a bit. It was very light but with rather a hard crust, more like a baguette