Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Signs of Life

   Just a quick post as it's already 7:00 p.m. and I haven't eaten dinner yet.

   A gorgeous day today - I was out gardening without a jacket or sweater. In fact, I think I may have got a touch of the sun as my face feels quite hot.  My afternoon walk also contributed to that as I walked for almost an hour. Very pleased with myself!

The first rhubarb plant to put in an appearance.


  1. Good for you. Days like yesterday really do cheer us up, don't they?

    1. Yes, so lucky to be able to step outside and enjoy the fresh air. Must be awful stuck in an apartment.

  2. It looks like you are going to have a good rhubarb year. I still only have a nose or two poking through for my rhubarb. For us, yesterday was sunny in the afternoon but oh my the wind was keeping things chilly, so it was a short walk, a short time in the garden.

  3. I just have two rhubarb plants but usually get enough to make some strawberry rhubarb jam and a couple of pies or crumbles.

  4. I was thinking of planting rhubarb this year but all the garden centres now closed so it will be a project for another year.x

  5. Maybe get it once the Garden Centres open again. It takes a couple of years to get established anyway.