Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Shopping Online

  Picked up my order from Bulk Barn today, all except the yeast. Luckily I had a couple of tsps. left so was able to make a loaf this afternoon. But that will be it until I can get some more, so I will probably have to resort to store bought!

   I was quite happy with my first attempt at ordering online. They made it so easy and when I went in to pick up my order, my favourite cashier was on the checkout. She's a Newfie and calls everyone - young, old, male, female - "darlin' " or "sweetheart" and always has some funny quip.  She's a riot!

   I spent some time this afternoon digging up dandelions from the front lawn. They seem to have sprung up overnight and were very healthy looking - I had trouble getting them out and mostly didn't get the whole tap root. So, they will be back! I will dig up the rest (for now) tomorrow before I cut the grass.


  1. No yeast. That's sad.
    They will be back but not for a while so well done. With some weeds you just have to adopt a damage control approach, I guess. At least dandelions are colourful, unlike my biggest, enemy, ground elder.

    1. I don't think we get ground elder here. There are other weeds growing in the grass but, since they are green, I just ignore them.

  2. I have had no luck sourcing yeast either. Costco had online once ...

    On my walks yesterday I noticed the dandelions flowering, but thankfully not on our lawn. Mr Man works hard to keep them at bay. He uses the lawn care with the corn gluten both the spring & fall versions. It really does work. I'll find out the brand name & let you know, you can get at Home Depot & any Home Hardware.

  3. I think I have seen that product. Time to buy some, I guess!

  4. There is no flour or yeast here when we go to the shop - if any comes in it is snapped up and it is just a matter of being in the store at the right time - I obviously haven't been at the right time yet!!

  5. I'm sure that happens here too. I will probably have to bribe the Bulk Barn manager to call me when he gets some in!