Wednesday, 1 April 2020


  Had visitors today! My daughter and grandaughter came by with lunch (sushi) which we shared and ate at arm's length on the back deck. We have been told to stay a "hockey stick apart" - this is an ice hockey stick which is much longer than the field hockey variety. 

   It was lovely to chat face-to-face with two of my favourite people and share a joke or two. My granddaughter is quite funny when away from her two brothers. I really appreciated her handling of this strange situation we are all in. They didn't come into the house although all surfaces were clean since I haven't had anyone here for at least two weeks. Just super cautious.

   I sent them home with a "care package" (4 jars of my homemade strawberry jam and two jigsaw puzzles for Elliot) which I am sure they will fumigate before they take into the house. Strange how these extra precautions are becoming second nature. I have become anxious about the mail delivery and the daily newspaper which I retrieve from my front porch each morning. How safe is that? I thought of popping it in a warm oven to kill any potential bugs but decided that was a bit paranoid. Also, a fire hazard!

   The last puzzle is finished and now I will have to resort to my hoard (I have at least a dozen). I still have several books to read and a supply of favourite titles on the bookshelves so I won't be bored.

   My morning routine starts with an hour of exercise - 20 minutes cardio, lower body conditioning, abdominals, upper body conditioning (this includes weights) and cool down and stretching. Here is where I work out along with a step video. I am always sweating well before it is finished!



  1. I find myself picking up the mail with finger tips and holding it at arm's length!
    And washing my hands afterwards, of course.

    1. My hands are so dry from all the hand washing.

  2. How wonderful to have visitors. Something we all took for granted only a week or so ago.
    As much as I try to practice strict hygiene and disinfection here, it is all undone on a constant basis by my husband who just tuts and rolls his eyes when I catch him doing anything we have been advised not to. I tell him that if he catches the virus and passes it on to me he'll have to cook his own meals!

  3. What a wonderful treat of your family visit. If this helps, according to the Canada Health website, it is reported that the Coronavirus-COVID-19 does not survive on porous things like paper for more than a few minutes, it can live on hard surfaces for up to an hour. This virus like mucus membranes (found in the nose, eyes & mouth) to survive. So for mail & such, they recommend leaving after delivery before you pick up & most definitely wash your hands afterwards & keep away from your face. I leave our mail which I pick up with gloves on, in the garage overnight. You have set up yourself a great gym!

  4. That's reassuring. Thanks.

  5. I think you're taking sensible precautions. X

  6. Thanks, Jules. Don't know how long I can keep it up. A daily walk isn't really doing it for me.