Saturday, 27 April 2019

So Cold!

   On my way out to the last monthly dance of the season and our AGM. We probably won't get too much dancing, depending on how long the meeting takes. So just a short post today.

   After my morning shopping I went over to the tennis club to help with the Juniors' opening social. It was freezing! Only 2C when I went out and there was a very strong north wind. However, quite a few kids (and their parents) showed up and got pizza and snacks for their efforts. They did a few drills with the coach so I guess that kept them warm. We had some sun this afternoon but it never really warmed up. Still waiting for Spring to put in an appearance!


  1. It's like Old Man Winter keeps running back in yelling "and another thing ..." Oh sad that dancing is ending for the season - it was like your keep warm activity :)

  2. We have one more banquet out in Port Perry in June, which I will attend, and we also have "Dancing in the Park" (Edwards Gardens in Toronto) on Tuesday evenings in June which I will skip as I don't like dancing in the park. It is open to the public and the dances are easy. That will be it for me until September.

  3. I just can't believe how long this awful weather is hanging on? I can't see where to subscribe to your blog?