Thursday 14 March 2013

My Trusty Steed

    Cold but sunny today so I decided to get my bike out of winter storage (upside down on a sheet of plastic in the garage), checked tire pressures (with thumb) and set off for a trial run. Roads were dry but had to watch for icy patches.North wind in my face going out but at my back coming home, utterly exhausted and sweating! I am definitely out of shape, and that was after only a couple of kilometres. Knees are complaining already and will be stiff tomorrow.

     As you may know I had a broken fibula in the fall (long story - suffice to say I was chasing James, uphill and down, and on the "down" slipped on wet grass and heard the bone crack as I landed - crutches for 3 weeks). While recovering and not walking too well, the doctor suggested swimming or cycling for exercise so I did take the bike out a few times before the weather put a stop to that. I hope to get more use of it this year.

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