Tuesday 12 March 2013


    Dave arrived at my house yesterday afternoon to say my phone wasn't working. They had been trying to reach me without success and, as he was in the neighbourhood, he came by to check on me, which is very reassuring. While he cleared up some problems on my computer I contacted the phone provider and had the problem fixed in minutes. It's amazing how they can deal with problems remotely like that - no need to send out a technician.

   The meltdown proceeds apace and if we have more rain today, I am expecting to see some greenery before too long. Of course, the lawns will be too wet and soggy to walk on for a couple of weeks but spring bulbs will begin showing up in the borders soon.

   As school is out this week for the March Break, I won't be seeing James until next Monday. I have a few things planned (doctors' visits, hair cuts, a movie or two) so I will keep busy. Also, I have a couple of good books on hand, always my fall-back when I have some spare minutes!

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