Thursday, 7 March 2013

Indoor Garden

   It's snowing again and no possibility of getting out in the garden for several weeks yet. Most of my borders are under at least a foot (30 cms.) of snow. No exaggeration! As a result I am more and more reliant on my indoor plants to keep me cheerful.
    One of my successes this winter was to preserve a small Rosemary bush which I brought inside in the Fall. I have tried this before, digging up a plant before the first frost. However, this one was grown in a pot so didn't need replanting. It's getting a trifle tall and stringy but I am hopeful it will survive until I can put it outside again.

   Can't believe we have to move the clocks forward an hour this weekend! This usually heralds the start of Spring but we are far from there yet. Another plant I move indoors in the Fall has continued to flower beautifully but unfortunately I don't know its name Can anyone help me? 

    Worked this morning in a Kindergarten class - beautiful kids, I will gladly go back there, if asked. Spent this afternoon at Chapters looking for a birthday present for Elliot, who will be 7 on Saturday, and finally settled on a Science kit made by Green Science. Hope he likes it! It has a small solar panel which will allow him to convert a used pop can into a "Solar Rover". His dad will have to help him build it - let's hope it works. Seven year olds can be mighty disappointed when their plans fall through.


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