Sunday 28 January 2024

Continuing To Eat Around the World

    The past week was not particularly busy but I did finally get to the Chair Yoga class last Tuesday. I was happy to find we didn't spend the whole hour sitting in a chair but used it for balance on several of the movements. This is good as the balance moves are the ones I have the most difficulty with in the regular Yoga class on Thursdays.

    The RODEO ladies met for lunch on Friday at Prague Restaurant as we have got to the letter "C" for Czeck. I really wanted to go for Chinese but I was outvoted. There were many schnitzels and goulashes on the menu but I settled for a Caesar Salad as I was craving something green. It was excellent. Next month for "D" we are going to a steakhouse since there are no Danish restaurants around here and no one could think of another country starting with "D". 

   I finally finished the puzzle which was my Christmas present from oldest grandson. He did warn me it was tricky so I am happy to have it completed. The hardest part was that the picture was wrong!

Saturday 20 January 2024

A Special Day

 It was a big birthday for the youngest grandson yesterday and it was celebrated in style with a steak BBQ despite the frigid temperatures. No birthday cake but (his request) creme brulee for afters. It was delicious!

Can't believe he is 14! And I don't think he has stopped growing.

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Waiting To Be Read

      Books have been piling up on my bedside table and I got two more at the RWTO lunch today - just 50 cents each, can't beat that! It's a fundraiser for the women's shelter we support. I didn't donate any books today but probably will have some next month so I don't mind paying for them.

    I'm reading the Camilla Lackberg book at the moment but can't wait to get stuck into the others! Since our library system has been sabotaged (a cyber attack several months ago) and I can't get my holds, I have been scrambling to find stuff I like. One is historical fiction and the other new one is by a favourite author, Elizabeth George, so I'm sure I will like it.

   The lunch out today was a little underwhelming as it was cottage pie (well, I can make that myself!) but with a tasty salad and rhubarb pie with ice cream for dessert, it was enjoyable enough. Plus, the friendly company made for a pleasant outing.  The weather was very disagreeable, slippery roads, falling snow and icy underfoot, not to mention minus 10C, but almost everyone showed up. I think most people just want to get out and see some familiar faces!

Thursday 11 January 2024

Spoke Too Soon!

    Well, the boots have certainly had a workout this week as we have had a couple of days of wet, slushy snow. It has stayed mild (for Ontario) but is set to be frigid next week, so everything will freeze solid. I cleared the driveway just in case although it was mostly melting.

   This is how I spent this morning - staring at a screen. It was the bi-monthly (hope that means every other month) meeting of the RTO District Executive and I'm glad it was decided to hold it over Zoom. I wouldn't have wanted to be driving today.

It was rather a tedious meeting (2 1/2 hours) and, despite being asked to be brief with reports, certain members proceeded to go into too much detail. The reports are circulated prior to the meeting and we have all supposedly read them. Then there were the inevitable questions! 

   I needed some fresh air after the meeting so walked down to the plaza to check the mailbox. And that's about it for today!