Thursday 1 June 2023

Another First

    Had to turn on the air conditioning unit today as we were up in the 30's by noon. Unfortunately, I left the walkout partially open when I went for a nap so I was basically cooling the outdoors! Tomorrow will continue very hot but then it is set to cool down a bit over the weekend, thank goodness.

     We still don't have much humidity so things cool off considerably overnight. That's when I open all the windows and let nature's cooling system take over. Another dip today and while I was still wet from my swim I watered the veggie patch and some of the borders that are in direct sun. Also filled the bird bath where the robins can have a drink and a paddle. Other than that I have stayed indoors where it is blissfully cool!


  1. Thank goodness for A/C. Temps on Thursday in our region got to 33 (c) & with humidity it was like 37 (c) - too hot for me. I'm like you, in the early hours I throw open the windows for fresh air & so far the mornings have been cool. I am hating the surge of mosquitoes - nasty buggers.

  2. The mosquitos aren't too bad here. I think the chlorine in the pool water keeps them away - or so I've heard.

  3. It is going to be hot here on the prairies over the next few days...This is not our normal weather for this time of year.

    God bless.

  4. Same here - it's usually later in the month when it really heats up!

  5. Air con really isn't a thing over here very much - not in homes anyway. I guess there aren't enough days when it is needed really. xx