Thursday 5 May 2022

Good Things Come in Threes

        First cut of the grass today - it's looking very healthy as I gave it a feed of fertilizer earlier this month and we have had quite a bit of rain. Now just need to put down some grass seed in the bare spots. I collected the cuttings and have filled the composter again so lots of new compost for the garden soon.

    We had a good game of tennis this morning as the weather was perfect, but we will need to find another player next week as Susan is off for a three week vacation soon. She is going to see family in the U.K. whom she hasn't seen for almost three years due to Covid. I skipped yoga as it was so much nicer to be outdoors. I even managed to discard a layer and play without gloves, it was so much warmer than last week!

   The permit has been approved for the demolition of the tree in my back yard - looks like it might get done before it's time to get the pool open. Things are definitely looking up!


  1. I had a giggle at playing without gloves. I envisage large fluffy mittens then realised they are probably tennis gloves. Please say they were fluffy mittens!

    1. No, sorry! I don't think I could hold the racquet with fluffy mittens.

  2. Lovely things - I hope you find another player. xx

  3. Playing without gloves. Things are really looking up!

  4. It's supposed to be low 20's later this week. That will be really nice!