Monday, 3 August 2020

Torrential Rain...Finally

   Last month was the driest July on record here in Southern Ontario but yesterday made up for the drought in spades. We had 33 mm which wasn't a record but very close to it. My pool is filled up to the top of the skimmer and we are due for some more in the next couple of days. Today more of the same although not the quantity we saw yesterday. There was the almightiest clap of thunder outside my window just now but I saw the flash of lightning so not a direct hit.

   I did manage to get a bit of gardening done between showers today - cut the back grass, trimmed border edges and cleared a bunch of day lilies. The grass is still very brown but should improve in a day or two.

   In the kitchen. Since it is considerably cooler today, I got a loaf in the bread machine and made a batch of sugar cookies. Now I am  all stocked up for visitors, should they show up at my door. I haven't spoken to anyone since Friday afternoon!


  1. How refreshing and it must be such a relief from that extreme heat. The garden will love it too.

    1. I'm just happy not to have to water so frequently!

  2. Topsy turvey weather. July was our wettest for 33 years. I have just posted about it!

  3. Around here the rain brought us a few days of much cooler temps, planning to get out today to take full advantage, as the heat returns tomorrow. I don't think I shall be as productive as your gardening and baking though.