Saturday, 8 August 2020

Not Careful Enough

    I spent almost two hours today listening to a presentation on replacement windows from a very nice rep. Unfortunately, half way through his spiel I realized it is an American company (recommended by a friend) and I had vowed to "buy Canadian" from now on!

   I did order the windows (couldn't not after the effort he had made into convincing me they were the best product) but, half an hour after putting down a substantial deposit, I realized I hadn't checked with him whether it is in American or Canadian dollars! The exchange rate is pretty bad at the moment and if it is U.S. dollars it will be 25% more. Mea culpa. I am only having two windows replaced so it could have been worse.


  1. Oh dear. I hope it was a Canadian dollar quote. -Jenn

  2. You need to check your sales agreement to look for the cooling off period. Do you have them in Canada. Change your mind - no questions asked. Also wouldn't the receipt give you an indication as to what currency they want?

  3. Yes, we do have that - I think it's 10 days. This could be a state of "buyers remorse"!

  4. Hopefully there's a happy ending to this ... that you could cancel the order, have a re-think & check for a Canadian company. Maybe have a family member with you so you don't feel the pressure to say yes to an excellent sales presentation. :)

  5. I am also making an effort to only buy Canadian. So far, company making and installing blinds are 100% Canadian as is company doing kitchen cabinet install.
    For floor replacement I am hoping for Canadian as well. Did have Home Depot do a measurement and estimate but only because it was free and gave me all the info I needed. Anyway their estimate was the highest of all.