Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Filling My Days

    Still rainy today - second day we have missed tennis. Our usual days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday so we have our fingers crossed for at east one day this week.

   The pool guys were here today but I missed them which was unfortunate as I needed to talk to them. Since the new pump was installed, air has been getting into the circulation system, which isn't good. I guess I will have to wait until next week. 

   Since it was too wet to do much outside I was busy with indooor chores again. Over the weekend I painted some outdoor screens and shutters. With the leftover paint I got going on some touch up spots inside. That took me until noon. After lunch and a nap I made some pesto (my basil is doing really well this year) which will keep for a while. Then I stewed some dried fruit in wine and spices, a very tasty dessert after dinner tonight! I got the recipe from the Francis Mayes book I am currently reading, "Bella Tuscany". I've used her recipes before.

    It's amazing how the days go by. I am just happy I can keep myself busy.


  1. After all that really hot weather was a relief to have the rain- or did it just turn humid? Which in my mind is worse than hot.

  2. It was very humid yesterday but much fresher today. I managed to work outside for quite a while without getting hot and sweaty.