Thursday, 6 August 2020

All's Right With My World

   We got in our two sets of tennis this morning and it was sunny but not too hot. The courts were busy what with Junior lessons on one court and people waiting for the changeover time. We actually managed to stay on for 90 minutes before being "bumped". 

    Susan came back here for coffee and a chat (and, I admit, several cookies). The pool pump was acting up and I phoned for a service call, only to figure out what was wrong shortly after. It's still not working perfectly but I certainly don't want to have to pay for service if not needed so I cancelled the call. Let's hope it keeps working until the guys come for the chemical check and cleaning on Monday.

   Enjoying my current book, another Shetland crime mystery by Anne Cleves. It's her most recent, and supposedly last, set in Shetland and is titled "Wild Fire". I still have several of her previous ones to read so, no shortage of reading materials.

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