Monday, 17 August 2020

Hijinks in the Pool

    Quite a change in the weather. We have had fairly heavy rain in the last two days and today the temperature is down and the humidity is gone.

   I managed a bit of gardening this morning but was caught out by a downpour just as I was about to cut the grass. It`s useless trying to cut it when it is wet so that chore will have to wait for another day. Instead I baked a cake!

   It was still hot last Friday so the grandkids came over for a swim. They had spent some time at the zoo and were very hot and sweaty. Even Judy got in the water to cool off!

    As the nights are getting cooler (yesterday was only 14C overnight) This may be the end of their summer of fun. Once the water starts seriously dropping in temperature overnight I am reluctant to use the heater. I will continue to swim until it gets unbearably cold!


  1. So lovely to have the grandkids visit. Havent been allowed to see mine for ages now. The C thing. I could taste the cake in my mind!

    1. Yes, it turned out well. You are up late, Jill!

  2. The cake looks tempting, but you didn't tell us what kind, so I don't know how much I should be craving it. I would think having a pool insures seeing the grandkids more often - lucky you!

  3. Yes about the grandkids visits! The cake was the simplest one I could find as I needed something quick to serve to friends over for coffee after tennis. It is called crumb cake and has just butter, flour, sugar, an egg and yoghurt in it (oh, and cinnamon but I had to leave that out as my friend Susan is allergic to it).