Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Stops and Starts

   The pool is still blue (not the dreaded green) and the grandkids came and churned up the water to distribute yesterday's doze of shock. I don't think I will put in any more as it does tend to cause an imbalance of chemicals. The pool guys will be here tomorrow to install the new pump. I am going with a "variable speed" pump which is a bit more expensive but (supposedly) uses less power, so long term savings. We shall see!

   I opened a can of paint this afternoon to do some touch-up jobs, but the family arrived just as I was about to start. Once they were gone (5-ish, Judy spent half-an-hour looking for her car keys) the notion had left me so I will postpone until tomorrow.


  1. I remember that green from the Olympic Games. It was horrible, wasn't it?
    I think it is wise to get the best one you can afford and if it actually costs less in the long term, that's great.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Hope there an no more big expenses this year!

  2. We don't have pool problems here - far too cold for a pool!