Tuesday, 28 July 2020

An Eventful Day

   It started with a shocker. My pool pump seems to have died! On the phone to the pool guys before I headed out for tennis and left a frantic message.

   After tennis - it wasn't too hot and we managed two sets - I heard back from the pool company and they will come on Thursday to fix/replace it. Meanwhile I have to dose the pool with "Shock" to keep it from turning green. The phone call was fortuitous timing as Cathy had invited us for coffee and treats after tennis so that's where I headed after and how I spent the rest of the morning. 

This one I took. Cathy's husband joined us. Left to right, Susan, Cathy, Frank and Kathy.
The usual suspects. Frank took this one. They have a very shady patio.

Cathy is still without a car (it's in Florida - long story) so I drove her to the local florists for a flower arrangement - a "hostess" gift for a friend. She has been biking to tennis for the last month!

   The afternoon was uneventful until I started to check messages. Then the power went out and didn't come back until 9:00 p.m. I fixed a salad dinner, read my book and then, when it got too dark to read, went for a walk. It keeps cutting out for moments but hopefully it is finally fixed. At least I have been able to check my mail and watch TV.


  1. Oh, no. I hope they can sort the pool problem easily when they come and that the power becomes more reliable again.

    1. No more power outages and the pool guys are coming tomorrow.

  2. Cathy's patio does look very inviting. Oh no to the pool pump & it's brand new. How that all gets sorted quickly.

  3. So fa, so good. They are coming tomorrow to replace it.