Saturday 11 January 2020

Strange Tastes

    Now the downing of Flight 752 has been labelled as "unintentional". Not much comfort to the families of the people on board.

    It has rained continuously and heavily all day here but at least it's not snow that I would have to shovel. The forecast for overnight is pretty dismal, freezing rain, so I have tucked the car away in the garage and am hoping for the best. I have to go out tomorrow afternoon and don't fancy driving on icy roads.

   I have opened one of the wines I photographed for Thursday's blog post, the sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. it has a slightly fishy taste so I must go online and read some reviews of it. Maybe my tastebuds are wonky! I guess coming from the Oyster Bay winery might explain the strange flavour.


  1. Hoping the snow didn;t land and that you can get out and about. It sounds pretty wintry, all the same.

    1. It was not as serious as the forecast indicated. I was able to get out this afternoon.

  2. Replies
    1. I found a review of the wine online and I think my bottle may be a bit off. I'm drinking it anyway!

  3. Hello Chris, popping over from Sheila's blog to leave you a link to a good recipe for a veg dupiaza
    Stay warm! Vix x