Thursday, 16 January 2020

Speaking of Food.....

    Still not particularly cold and no snow to speak of although I had to scrape ice off my car before I could go out today. 

    My first stop was the "But and Ben". This is a Scottish bakery and butcher in my area and my task was to pick up a haggis for next week's Robert Burns supper. Mission accomplished! I got a 4 lb. one which should be plenty big enough for everyone to get a taste.

It looks a lot more appetizing after it is cooked.

    After that I attended this month's Probus meeting followed by lunch with some of the other members. I was very good and had one of the "lighter" menu items - a beet and feta chicken salad - but it still clocked in at 660 calories. So tonight I skipped meat and just had sweet potato and cauliflower fritters which were surprisingly filling. 

   Now it is almost 8:00 p.m. so time to sign off and see what's on TV.


  1. The fritters sound interesting. Must look up a recipe.

    1. I found the recipe on Facebook but it has disappeared now.

  2. We also celebrate Burns night with our friends - we have the vegetarian version though - just going to collect some today to take back down with me.

  3. I've never tried Haggis but then I'm not a meat eater so I can use that excuse (lol). I do like all the other Robbie Burns celebrations. Thankfully you got your TV woes sorted out.

  4. It`s very tasty but you just need a small portion. Not particularly healthy!

  5. I'll be getting our haggis during the week. I think I'll need to buy a bottle of whisky too. X