Monday, 13 January 2020

Knitting Up a Storm

   Frosty morning but I was out early to pick up Tim Horton's coffee for the Knitters and Crafters. I had some cookies in the freezer (left over from Christmas) so took them along for our treat. We seem to have created a glut of Twiddlemuffs and will have to try to move some soon. Everyone in the group is such a prolific knitter and crocheter.

Inez putting the finishing touches to her latest twiddlemuff.

Some were taken to be distributed to local retirement homes but there are still lots left.
Donna and Inez - busy bees. We have free space in our local community centre as we are all seniors.


  1. Free space is wonderful and what a good thing you all do.
    My lovely Mum used to knit jumpers for refugees and others caught in disasters. There were always plenty of people knitting for the young girls and teenage girls, but hardly anyone made teenage boys sized jumpers so that's what she did. She made so many before she could no longer remember how to knit. She also knitted for Teddies for Tragedies.
    Such a good thing to do. I wonder what you will decide to make next.

  2. Your mum sounds a generous, compassionate woman. I don't think we will ever make enough twiddlemuffs to fill the need.

    1. This is the same centre where my Book club and Bridge club meet. I also go there to play pickleball.

  3. Yeah to crafting ... yeah to being able to gather as a liked minded group in a space provided at no charge. I am sure the seniors receiving the twiddlemuffs will greatly appreciate.