Thursday, 9 January 2020

All Wined Up

   It was a very chilly day, -10C, but I spent the afternoon with 10 like-minded friends sampling wines, nibbling food and setting the world to rights.

    These are not the actual wines as they have been consigned to the recycling bin.
     It was the monthly meeting of the Probus Wine Tasters club and Elizabeth and I were co-hosts at her house. We served 2 whites, a zinfandel and 2 reds in a blind tasting. When the scores were totted up the wines all scored very closely together but this was because people either loved or disliked them. For instance, the Zinfandel had a high score of 42 (out of 50) and a low score of 17. So an average of 34. It's lots of fun and we grew more and more mellow as the afternoon progressed. Following delicious desserts and coffee we all trundled home and I, for one, won't need a meal this evening.

Ready for another tasting.


  1. It sounds like great fun and I bet you slept well. :-)

    1. Unfortunately, no. The coffee in the afternoon is what did it for me. Plus I had a nap when I got home!