Monday 27 January 2020

Life's Small Pleasures

   Hava Java coffee social this morning, a good turnout despite the chilly weather. Then straight from Calabria Bakery to Bridge club at the senior's centre. My partner and I came out on top by just the slimmest of margins but satisfying nonetheless.

   I finished the last of the bottle of "Toro Bravo" merlot this evening. This is the special wine I bought in bulk in the fall which received 96 points (out of a hundred) and is exceptionally good and exceptionally cheap ($7.95). I have one more bottle left but will save it for when the family are over for dinner at Easter. It will go very well with the lamb shoulder I intend to serve.

This is the 2017 vintage, but 2018 is almost as delicious.


  1. Thanks for that wine referral. Mr Man is the wine taster of the family & he's looking for something new. I think I'll use as a Valentine's gift (col).

  2. I used to love Merlot but for some years now drinking red wine (even just half a glass) gives me a headache. I have found increasingly that some whites now do the same so I stick to just the one label (Mud House New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) that seems to cause me no problems. Or champagne of course!

    1. I have put that one on my list for next time I'm at the liquor store. I had a nice New Zealand white wine recently, a pinot grigio from Oyster Bay wineries.