Friday, 13 December 2019

Exercise Cancelled Out by Treats

   Out early this morning but I held off on eating breakfast until just before I left home - a 12 hour fast so not too bad.

   Milder and sunny today but still needed my winter coat. It was the last fitness class of the year - someone brought a box of chocolates! Sort of defeated the purpose of working out for an hour. Of course I didn't have to indulge but, as I said, will power is not my strong suit. There were also samosas still warm from the oven, I ate one and brought two home to have with dinner. Pickle Ball this afternoon for a couple of hours - there will be one more next Friday then nothing until the New Year. 

   I will be finished dinner tonight by 6:30 and won't have breakfast tomorrow until 8:30 so that will be 14 hours. Tomorrow I am going for a massage, hope it helps my sore back. I could hardly get up off the floor at Gentle Fit this morning!


  1. Fourteen hours is good. I doubt I will be able to make it more than that and thirteen is more likely. Still, if it stops the evening nibbles, I will be happy!
    I hope the massage helps. A bad back is a right misery!

  2. My back is just really stiff not painful, per se. The massage did feel good but I don`t think there will be any long term improvement. Thanks for asking.