Monday, 23 December 2019

Counting Down

   Thought I should change my header photo to something more seasonal (better late than never) but it didn't really turn out as I expected.

   Out shopping bright and early. I actually saw the sun rise! The store was very quiet and I was in and out in under 45 minutes. That will be it until next week, hopefully, as I have quite depleted my grocery budget despite using $30 worth of my accumulated PC Points. There had better be lots of leftovers!

   Another sunny mild day and I walked to the senior's centre for Bridge. Usually the centre is closed for two weeks but this year they are just taking the statutory holidays. So we will be able to play next Monday too. Yay!

   Karen and I had really good cards today and won big, for a change. Too bad we don't play for money or we would really have cashed in. It certainly made up for a lot of our recent losses.

   I brought home the capon I will be cooking for Christmas lunch today and am trying to decide whether to soak it in brine overnight or not. Stay tuned for the result.


  1. Iwas wondering about brining the bird but I've decided not to.
    Cngratulations on the win! It sounds like fun.
    Happy Christmas Eve to you!

  2. I long for a quiet store - it has been mad in the shops here.
    Have a wonderful and happy Christmas. xx

  3. Merry Christmas Chris & cheers to lots of bridge wins in 2020.

  4. Happy Christmas and hope your bird turns out well. Best wishes, JC.