Thursday, 12 December 2019

Trying to be Strong

   A big lunch again today (Probus Christmas Party) but in actual fact not too much food. I had selected Salmon and, although it came with a salad, potatoes and other vegs, I didn't feel stuffed afterwards. There was also an ice cream dessert (not too large) with absolutely divine raspberry coulis drizzled over it. I had a glass of red wine, red being healthier than white according to the media!

    Since then I have just had a bowl of guacamole with tostitos and a clementine. It is 6:45 p.m. so I will try not to eat again until breakfast tomorrow. Wish me luck (or, more likely, will power)! I will wait until next week to weigh myself - last weigh-in I was 146 lbs. which is a bit heavier than my usual.


  1. It's a bit late now but I hope you found all the will power you needed for the evening.

  2. Almost! Not eating a proper dinner was a mistake as I got peckish later in the evening and had a little snack.