Sunday, 15 December 2019

Dancing Up a Storm

    Last night I attended the Family Christmas dance and this was one of the dances on the program. It was a very easy program as lots of children were there to try out their dancing skills. This video was actually recorded on another occasion but many of the same characters were in attendance last night. The dance is called "Well done, Jack". I'm in the second set in green and black.

    Unfortunately we ate quite late so I didn't get my 14 hour fast. But all the exercise probably kept me in fighting trim. Let's hope so anyway. Back to my regular regime today!


  1. What a super dance. I love the young lady in black with the two bunches who starts off second in the first set. She was really involved and moving to the music as well as dancing so well.
    It must have been a super evening!

    1. She is one of our younger dancers and very talented!

  2. Oh what fun your dance group is. I'm doing better with the intermittent fasting program.

  3. Glad you're giving it a try. Good luck with it!