Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Another Christmas for the Story Books

   Too stuffed to write much but the family meal went off all right despite my trepidations. And there are lots of leftovers so I will be eating bird, stuffing and brussell sprouts for the rest of the week.

   A bit of a disaster though. When we went to eat we left a plate of cheeses out in the other room. Son and DIL's dog scoffed a whole chunk of blue cheese. Not good for dogs but she seemed OK. Then just as we sat down to the main course she got hold of a chunk of chocolate (my fault). Now that is serious for dogs so son and DIL left (with their meal on a plate) to check with a vet. Advice was to keep an eye on her but I am upset that they missed the plum pudding!

Naughty Lucy in her Christmas sweater!


  1. Oh, dear! I hope the dog is OK.
    Know what you mean about leftovers, especially turkey! It saves a lot of cooking in the next few days though!

  2. Yes, she is fine. I don't think she actually ate any chocolate but better safe than sorry. I've added a picture of her in her Christmas sweater.