Monday, 2 December 2019

Battling the Elements

   After yesterday's snow storm I had to dig through 10 cms. of snow this morning to get my car out, but it is still not done. My back told me, enough's enough! The snow was very wet and heavy! I will finish it tomorrow. 

    Bridge this afternoon and Karen and I had good cards. We came out well ahead of the other pair for once. On one contract I had bid 1 No Trump and my response was, "if I don't make this contract, I'm giving up on Bridge". Luckily I made it with a couple of extra tricks, so onward and upward! 


  1. I am hoping any snow here will only fall on Christmas day when everything I have to do is done. Makes preparations so much easier.

    1. Yes, it can force you to change your plans, especially if driving is hazardous.

  2. We had all that ice first then the snow, made for digging out difficult, but thankfully Monday's milder day & some sunshine got that undercoating of ice moving. I know nothing about Bridge, but glad you'll continue on :)

  3. Still some icy patches on the driveway but a lot melted this afternoon.