Friday, 13 September 2019

Trip to Port Colborne

   Managed to crawl out of my sick bed yesterday and make it to the pick up point in time for the trip to Port Colborne. I slept for part of the journey so was somewhat rejuvinated by the time we arrived. We had a chance to stretch our legs and wander along the Port Promenade before lunch.

   Port Colborne is on the shores of Lake Erie at the southern end of the Welland Canal. It was once an important city but time has passed it by as Lake travel has declined in importance. We browsed some of the stores along the Port Promenade then had lunch at the Canalside Restaurant. 

    The purpose of our trip was to see a Norm Foster play at the local theatre. He is quite a prolific playwright, originally from Toronto but a Nova Scotian by choice, hence the name of this production - `Lunenburg`. The theatre was quite a small intimate venue so we were ùp close and personal`with the cast. A very amusing, often rollicking, script with lots of laughs and a few serious moments. Thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

    Slept again on the way home (thank you bus driver) and am continuing to improve. I tried a game of tennis this morning but didn`t last long so I will need a restful weekend to fully mend.

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