Friday, 20 September 2019

Last Dip in the Pool

    I was very hot and sweaty when I got home from tennis today so tested the water in the pool and decided it was good for a refreshing dip. Unfortunately only the surface inch had heated up; beneath that was frigid! I went in anyway, had a fast couple of lengths and felt all the better for it. 

   Dug up two potato plants and some Swiss Chard this afternoon. The harvest continues! 
I like the small potatoes boiled in their jackets with lots of butter but the big one I will peel and have mashed.

The Swiss Chard is for tonight's dinner, just boiled, chopped and seasoned with butter, pepper and a grating of parmesan cheese.

      We have had wonderful weather this whole week, up in the mid- to high 20's, but I won't be swimming again this year as the pool guys are coming to close the pool tomorrow. I hardly used it at all in September as the nights cooled off dramatically but it was lovely to get in today!

Still looking nice and blue. I will post a photo tomorrow of it covered.

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