Sunday, 22 September 2019

Still Hot

   Very hot today - if the pool had still been open I would definitely have had a swim! As it was, it was too hot to work in the garden so I had to content myself with watching the Laver Cup, named after Rod Laver the Australian tennis player. Team Europe (my favourite) won although in the last match I was rooting for the Canadian who was part of Team World.

   Did a bit of baking this afternoon despite the heat. The recipe is for Apple Oat Bread but I used pears instead. The house has stayed quite cool and I will open windows tonight to keep it that way. My outside thermometer said 35C this afternoon! 

Using up some out-of-date sour cream and two pears from a tennis friend's garden. It turned out well and will taste good with lashings of butter!


  1. Ms Summer certainly gifted us with some spectacular last days of summer. Oh yum to your fruit bread.

  2. I love using oats in place of flour; they give such an interesting texture.