Sunday, 1 September 2019

Getting the House In Shape

   The guys (Steve and Dave, son and son-in-law) came over today to do some badly needed chores around the house. After a quick assessment and a trip to Home Depot, they set about fixing and replacing broken and/or damaged things chez moi. It took them about three hours and the only thing they couldn't fix was my leaky washing machine. It would appear I will have to replace it but it is over 20 years old - here when I moved in!

   An indoor day as it has been drizzling most of the afternoon. I got a walk up to the Mall before the weather deteriorated but, since then, it has been kitchen activities. I have a stew in the oven for dinner - lots of fresh vegetables - and made a batch of rugelah cookies. Can't wait to tuck into them after dinner!

   Other than that I have been watching more tennis and that will continue into the evening. Hope it dries up for our tennis social tomorrow!



  1. It is very commendable that your sons spare the time to come and fix things and that this leads to a longer life for the items and less waste. We managed to get our washer leak fixed this week for £38 - not bad as our washer is nearly 20 years old - hope it will last another 20! As the repair man said they don't make them like they used to - most washers now are all plastic insid and sealed units so you cannot repair some faults as the parts are over £300 for the whole unit so people find it cheaper to replace them. His advice to us was if we have thick bathmats don't wash them in the washer they cause so many of the problems as they shed a lot of bits.

    1. Yes, I think it was a particularly heavy load that brought on the damage although it had been leaking slightly for a while. I'm pretty sure my new one won't last that long but I will probably be in the old folks home before it dies!

  2. It seems washing machines universally are uniting in creating problems - potentially expensive ones. Mine won't spin without a pre manual twirl. Good that you have helpful family members to fix/repair/move/lug what you need doing. It's been so dry so I won't say a thing against yesterday's rainy day :)

  3. My garden is still looking rather parched but the rain yesterday did help. I haven't cut the grass in weeks!