Thursday 19 September 2019

Over Eating

   After Tuesday's big lunch I had a light supper of soup and a juicy tomato sandwich. However, Wednesday brought more over indulging!

    It was the Volunteer's Appreciation lunch at the Senior's Centre where I help out in the kitchen. The lunch was substantial (Parmesan chicken, roasted vegetables and salad, followed by yummy cake) but I had been invited to Judy's for dinner so it would have been rude to refuse. She served a very delicious piece of salmon, green beans and rice and I managed to do it justice. No dessert, fortunately, as we were headed to the theatre for her local company's production of a Norm Foster play. However, dinner had been early so by the time I got home around 11:00 p.m. I was peckish again and had a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich. Not a good idea eating so late at night!

   Today I have been a bit better. A game of tennis first thing followed by this month's Probus meeting (coffee and cookies at the break) then lunch at Red Lobster with some of the ladies - I had a Caesar salad, part of which I brought home to have for dinner. It was humungous! I will roast some chicken thighs and potatoes and just eat a bit of that with the salad. The rest for tomorrow's dinner. Must go and get that started or I will be eating late again. It's already 6:15.


  1. I feel stuffed just reading this! It sounds like you had an enjoyable time though. I love local productions I used to help out at my local little village theatre many moons ago (backstage only of course).

  2. The leftover Caesar salad was a bit soggy by dinner time but I ate it anyway!