Tuesday 17 September 2019

A Hectic Time

    RWTO monthly lunch today and I was in charge of receiving the cheques and ordering the lunches. What a schmozzle! People arriving without having paid ahead of time, cheques gone missing in the mail, people forgetting to come - seemingly the September lunch is always like that but I was in a regular tizzy!

   Fortunately there were enough meals for everyone who showed up - 121. It was quite delicious, Greek salad, roast beef, horseradish and a variety of vegetables, and apple crumble for dessert. I will just have soup and a sandwich for dinner tonight!

   We had an Executive meeting first which made for a very long day - it started at 9:30 (nothing much of import discussed), straight to lunch after it adjourned, and home by 3:00 for a nap. Then a little bit of light gardening as it was a beautifully sunny and warm afternoon. That is one way to fill a day!

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  1. As the saying goes never work with animals and children but I would add money to that. Because of the job I did at work they always wanted me to train as a relief cashier - I always said no - I prefer figures on paper than handling real cash- you can always rub out and start again accounting on paper. Hope you recovered from your tizzy!