Friday 6 September 2019

A New Macine

   I have been suffering with a scratchy throat for the last few days - this morning my voice was really husky - but it hasn't affected me physically. I managed quite a lot of tennis this morning. We were lucky because rain arrived early in the afternoon, not much but enough to wet the courts.

    My challenge this afternoon was to purchase a new washing machine. I found a good deal at Home Depot, with a substantial rebate because it was a high efficiency model. However, it won't be delivered until next Saturday so I will have to use the old machine one more time, with the inevitable puddle! The purchase includes removing and disposing of the old machine, installing the new one and connecting all the hoses.

My 20+ year old machine - I wonder how long the new one will last!


  1. I love your top loaders - I have used them in France and Italy but they are not popular here - not even sure you could buy one. Hope the throat clears up too.

  2. Ha, ha. I'm quite certain your new machine will not have been made to last twenty years! (Sorry to sound like such a downer). We replaced our old top load machines with front load, stacking ones several years ago when husband made a little laundry room on the main floor, instead of our old basement. Sure enough, as soon as the warranty was up, the washer had a major problem. However, I do hope you have success with yours! :) -Jenn

  3. We replaced our washer (inherited with the house) fairly recently. I found that it takes a very long time to wash compared to the old one. At the same time we donated the dryer (which was in perfect condition) because we want the pair to match and that is very quick compared to the old one. I generally am able to pull stuff out after only 10 mins and let it finish by air drying!