Friday, 26 April 2019

Still Dodgy Weather

    Yesterday was like Spring but today was cold, damp and miserable. Luckily there was nothing I wanted to do that required me to be outside for long.

   This morning my fitness class was cancelled and I also had to miss pickleball as I attended the annual meeting at the Seniors' Centre. It was long and rather tedious (every member of the executive giving an account of their duties and what they had achieved this year) but the actual election of the new executive went smoothly as they all agreed to stand for re-election and no opponents. Those of us in attendance were rewarded with rather a nice lunch so went home satisfied.

   I will only need leftovers tonight and will have a quiet evening watching a couple of my favourite TVO shows. Last night's TV was disturbed by a constantly repeated "Amber Alert" but I eventually figured out how to turn it off. Hope the child was found safely - nothing on the radio or in the newspaper about it today.


  1. I am hoping for a few quiet evenings at the caravan - just me and a good book (no TV up there).

  2. Have a safe drive up north. Hope the weather is kinder to you than we are having here (2C this morning).

  3. I know the Amber Alerts must be but oh my that warning buzz! Thankfully both Mother & child were found safe & well.