Sunday, 2 December 2018

Two Nights Out

    Things are getting busy now that we are into December - I was out dancing two nights in a row and my feet have still not recovered!

    On Friday I reluctantly drove to Port Perry (in the dark on country roads, only got lost once) for a St. Andrew's Day Ceilidh. It was held at the local Legion Hall and was a great night - a huge turnout with people from all over the GTA, lots of fun dances and a nice spread after. Then the real fun started - driving home. 

   Google told me it was a 45 minute drive home but it took me almost an hour and a half. First I spent 20 minutes going in a circle and ended back in Port Perry. Once I got on the right road I made good time as there wasn't much traffic. However, not far from home, on Hwy.401, the traffic slowed and came  almost to a stop. I found out later there had been a pretty serious accident just at my exit. Luckily I was close to another exit so took that and finally arrived home safely at 11:00 p.m.

   Last night the weather was the problem on the way to the monthly dance - teeming rain made driving rather tricky but at least it wasn't snow! It was another night of live music, fun dances and a good turnout despite the weather. Tonight I get to stay home by the fire, my preferred place to be when the nights close in and the weather turns foul. However, if I force myself to go out I usually have a good time with all my dancing friends and am happy I made the effort.


  1. Chris I really know what you mean about "forcing" yourself to go out & then having a really good time. Neither Mr Man or myself are comfortable with night winter driving & not necessarily because of our own driving skills, it's all the other drivers - the police said on Friday night they laid 9 charges of driving with over the limit!! Nine! what is it that people aren't getting about impaired driving.

    1. I think once they have had a couple of drinks, their judgement of their driving capability goes out the window!

  2. Hi Chris - I have finally made it to your little abode - I hadn't realised you are all the way out in Canada so will really look forward to reading your blog.
    We had a Ceilidh at both daughters weddings. Unfortunately at the first I got knocked over in a very sprightly dance and hit my head so badly they had to get the paramedics who whisked me off to the local hospital on a stretcher with blocks around my head for further examination - luckily the xray showed no damage and I was released but I had a bad headache for 3 weeks after. Didn't stop me joining in at my elder daughters wedding though. Exhausting but great fun.

  3. Yes, Ceilidh dances can be pretty frenetic, especially when the young folk get going! We are a bit more stately here. Thanks for commenting.