Thursday, 29 November 2018

Indoor Tennis

    Tennis at Carol's condo this morning but only three of us were present. We played Australian singles (server on one side and the other two receiving)  but at one point Carol declared that we mustn't try to win points as it was so one sided. So we just hit to each other - not so much fun but still exercise. We didn't play close to our normal 2 hours.

   The condo is right opposite a Garden Centre so I went in on the way home and picked up a dozen tulip bulbs which were 50% off. Their Christmas displays were gorgeous and I was sorely tempted but they were also expensive. I will pick up something Christmassy later next month at the local shop.

   Planted the bulbs this afternoon. I put them down pretty deep to try to foil the squirrels. We'll see what comes up next Spring!

Some photos from our day trip to Epidaurus:

The Lion's Gate - this is where, supposedly, Clytemnestra greeted (and later murdered) Agamemnon, her husband, after he returned from rescuing Helen from Troy. She was later murdered by her son.

This is purported to be the mask of Agamemnon but there are doubts as to its authenticity.

Some ancient artifacts in the Museum at the site.

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