Tuesday, 27 November 2018

An Island Adventure

     A tasty pre-preprandial snack while I type tonight - blue cheese on crackers with my home made red pepper jelly. Unfortunately it is the batch that didn't set very well so it is dripping everywhere. Despite frequent finger-licking, the computer keyboard has become rather sticky!

   Cold today with the threat of snow. Yesterday we had torrential rain pretty much all day but at least it wasn't the white stuff! I am so tired of the dull grey days we have had this month but that is typical of November.

   Bridge this afternoon but I had terrible cards and hardly got to play any hands. At least I didn't disgrace myself and get the booby prize (the lowest scorer). I shopped this morning for a few things at the bulk food store including mincemeat for tarts which I will make later this week.

Some more photos from my Greece trip:

The Harbour at Hydra. We got there by hydrofoil and returned on a catamaran.

There are no cars on Hydra. Everything is moved by donkey.

At a museum up above the town - a wonderful view! As you can see the weather was gorgeous.


  1. Nice photo of yourself, a good memory especially now that we are back to cold & snow. Those donkeys look healthy.

    1. The donkeys were well cared for and the drivers cleaned up after them!