Sunday 25 November 2018

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      Not too cold today - after my morning chores -kitchen clean-up, ironing etc., I made a pot of carrot and lentil soup. Then out to rake some more, ready for the last garden rubbish pickup of the year. I now have four bins filled.

   Before lunch I got a loaf in the bread machine and it turned out perfectly. I used a little less yeast which seemed to do the trick. After lunch and a nap another bin was filled with leaves and a load went in the composter. The outdoor air-conditioning unit is now covered for the winter and compost is piled on the rose bushes. I am ready for the snow to fly!

View from the ferry as we arrive at the island of Poros, our home base.

Our hotel on Poros and the jetty where we got the water taxis to the port.


  1. A very nice view from the hotel. I got my rose huts on before that first blast of snow with all the dirt from the patio pots pushed up against them for extra warmth.

  2. Only thing I didn't get done was to plant some Spring bulbs.