Sunday, 11 November 2018


  Fire on again as it is very cold out - flirting with negative temperatures for the next few days (and probably longer!)

    I haven't been out all day and spent the afternoon working on the Minutes from last week's RTO meeting. They are running to 4 pages which is very much frowned on but it was a very long, contentious meeting. I will try to weed out any extraneous facts once I am finished. Everyone complains if they are too long but also complains if their report is edited too much! We have 15 committees plus the President's report, the Treasurer's report etc., etc. This is my last year as Secretary so the end is in sight. Next year I will take over the Craft Club position which is much less stressful. 

   Having a glass of wine with an avocado and salsa dip to dial down the stress and it's working. Salmon and broccoli for dinner, Yum! Second episode of "Outlander: Series 4" this evening. Can't wait!


  1. I agree Craft Club will be more fun ... although trying to find crafts everyone can agree on ... I think your antidote to the stressful day sounds perfect.

    1. Actually we are all knitting or crocheting the same things - twiddlemuffs to be donated to homes for dementia or Alzheimer's patients, although recently we have branched out into lap blankets and slippers. The materials we use are all donated as well so costs are minimal, just coffee and a pastry for our meetings!