Thursday, 8 November 2018

On the Injured List

   I reluctantly went to a trivia event this afternoon but it turned out to be quite fun. Our team did rather badly but we had lots of laughs..... and there was a free glass of wine and all you can eat pizza! What's not to like?

   I had played tennis in the morning and had a bit of a rush to be back out again by 12:30. Now my knee is very stiff and sore - I should really have stayed home with ice on it. I think I will have to skip Pickle Ball tomorrow afternoon but I will see how it feels after Fitness class in the morning.

   Judy decided she didn't need me to babysit this evening so I am cosyed up by the fire with some good shows on TV. I was quite happy to stay home after such a busy day. I will see them next week.


  1. It certainly is weather wise, the choice of an evening - home, snuggled up under a throw with a good book. I agree all you can eat pizza (if only I could drink that glass of wine) is a wonderful option. Hopefully a day or two of rest & your knee will be back to pickle form.

  2. glad you had such unexpected fun!

    1. Just goes to show, getting out and socializing is better than staying home and moping!