Sunday, 4 November 2018

Last Grass Cut

   I hope I can put the lawn mower away until Spring - both areas cut and the fallen leaves mulched in the process. I will have to rake later in the month but the big tree out front is hanging on to its leaves.

   That was the morning plus some other tidy up jobs in the garden. This afternoon I put a loaf in the bread machine and it turned out well. Since then I have been tackling secretarial jobs for the RTO committee of which I am Secretary. It was sunny this morning; in fact I had my jacket off for a while when I was working outside. By 2:00 p.m. it had clouded over and the temperature dropped. We had "frost on the pumpkin" last night.


  1. We also put the lawn mower away this weekend & out comes the snow blower! Oh a bread maker ... I would make too many & eat too many and then be too much!

  2. wow, never thought about lawn movers having to be stored over winter! Can you tell I've never lived anywhere that it snows? :)