Wednesday 26 December 2018


   Everything went well for yesterday's Christmas lunch (except the soup, but that's another story). Today, once I had tackled all the washing up, it was time to start on the leftovers. I actually really like leftovers, not just because there's no actual cooking required, but because they taste really good!

   For lunch today I had the aforementioned soup - it was really insipid and I don't think I will keep it - some smoked mackeral, onion cheddar and olives, all from the appetizer I served yesterday. For dinner there's lamb, gravy, two veg. (no roast potatoes, they all got eaten) and, of course, plum pudding and custard! There was also some wine left so I will have that too.

   I will get another couple of meals from the leg of lamb but will serve it different ways. Tonight it will just be heated in the gravy. So good!

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