Sunday, 9 December 2018

Festive Meals

    I see I haven't blogged for a week but it has been a busy one. Next week will be more of the same.

   As well as my usual bridge, exercise classes and tennis game, I was out for lunch three times. On Wednesday it was the Retired Teachers Christmas lunch and wonderful it was as usual - a gigantic buffet at the local Golf and Country Club (very posh!). Every kind of dish imaginable but my favourite was smoked salmon....and the desserts were to die for!

   On Friday I picked up the grandkids after school for a sleepover as the parents were entertaining friends. We had a rotisserie chicken from Metro with corn, stuffing and salad. After dinner they put up my Christmas tree and decorated it, then we watched "Elf", a very silly movie but they liked it. Next morning it was a mountain of pancakes and sausages - these kids can really pack it away!

   I met friends for lunch on Saturday at Markham Station but I was very good and only had a Greek salad (no Caesar Salad unfortunately). In fact I brought half of it home to have for dinner with leftovers. Today was the Festive Special at Swiss Chalet with the whole family - this is the complete Christmas meal with 1/4 chicken, stuffing and cranberries. I ordered salad instead of fries - again no Caesar salad because of the problems with Romaine lettuce - so at least it was a little bit healthy. No dinner tonight as I am still stuffed (just like the chicken!).


  1. I think most bloggers go light on posts during this very busy season ... Nice that you had a couple of elves to help with the tree. I'm so missing Romaine lettuce. Happy week ahead :)

  2. You should have made the grandkids a meal like Elf did! It is shocking to see how empty the shelves are in the grocery store where all the salad ingredients are kept! Sounds like you have a busy week. -Jenn

  3. Glad to hear from you! And yes, I miss romaine too...

  4. Thanks all for your comments - this is the most comments I've ever had on a single post!

  5. I love the Swiss Chalet Festive meal. My sister and I usually go out for it but I'm not going to see her this year. My partner is taking me to S.C. for dinner on Friday in her stead. I will be missing her.

  6. Enjoy!
    It is a yearly tradition with my family but special this year as my son and his wife will be out west on Christmas Day.